Retirement planning

Retirement may sound pretty exciting, but it can also be expensive and extremely overwhelming. It is a massive change to your life and there are plenty of decisions you need to make before taking leave.

Everyone wants to have peace of mind after they get retired and it will happen only if you start planning for your retirement at the right time. Retirement is a big step in your life and there are lots of decisions you need to make before you stop work.

These are some questions that our financial planners will work with you to provide solution:

  • How will you manage your expenses after Retirement?
  • Is your superannuation amount enough?
  • How long will your savings work?
  • Are you entitled to get social benefits from the Government?
  • Can you pay off your debt before retirement?
  • Who will look after you when you become incapacitated?
  • What do you want your days spending doing?

The decisions you make today will have a massive impact on your life after retirement. So, it is time to get in touch with our Financial planners to plan for your future. We can guide you through the choices you need to make and actions you need to take. So, you can get excited about what the future holds.

Our Financial planners will propose appropriate plans for you to achieve your retirement objectives. We plan based on your needs and objectives, and work with you to provide a better lifestyle in retirement.

Too many Super Accounts – We strongly recommend you speak to our financial planners before you consolidate your Super.

You may loose very valuable benefits such as insurances held in super, especially if you have health issues.

Also, a financial planner can help you choose the fund that best meets your needs.

Estate Planning and Asset Protection Support

At Monash Wealth , we take the time to thoroughly understand our clients’ personal and financial affairs. We leverage this detailed knowledge in working with our clients when giving them Estate Planning advice.

We also work with our clients to protect their assets against potential claims that might arise in the future from their businesses, careers and possibly alienated family members.

It is of utmost importance to protect your assets and ensure your loved ones are well looked after, in the event of your passing. Estate planning and asset protection can be complex so it is crucial that you seek advice.

Come and talk with our financial advisers who will show you, the best way to protect those you love.

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