SMSF Tax and Accounting

We support you in the administration of your fund by:

  • SMSF establishment and registration
  • Corresponding with the ATO on various issues
  • Complying SMSF taxation strategy advice
  • SMSF administration, including updating of deeds; changing trustee/s and member/s
  • Trustee and compliance obligations advice and assistance
  • Preparing trustees’ minutes in relation to certain events
  • Preparing year-end financial statements for your SMSF
  • Preparing and lodging the fund’s annual income tax and regulatory return
  • Preparing an annual actuarial certificate
  • Coordinating the annual independent audit of your SMSF.

We are experienced at setting up SMSFs and our SMFS experts provide administration and taxation advice to trustees of SMSFs and their advisers, and financial planners.

We are specialists in Limited Recourse Borrowing Arrangements (LRBA’s) that are required for SMSFs to purchase residential and commercial property inside your fund.

Whether you are a retiree wanting to implement a retirement income tax strategy or you are still working and accumulating your superannuation asset for retirement, we offer you security and peace of mind that your SMSF is professionally administered, with our team of experts.

SMSF – Professional help you may need

SMSF – Annual obligations

SMSF – Investment Strategy

SMSF Business Real Property (used in a business)

SMSF Planning for Retirement

SMSF planning for the unexpected (relationship breakdown, incapacity, death)

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